[Sweet As] Reece Wallace

Summer vibes and stylish riding from Reece Wallace. Enjoy.

Reece Wallace makes his annual pre-season pilgrimage to New Zealand to ride the world-class trails of Queenstown and celebrate the life of Kelly McGarry at McGazza Fest.

"New Zealand couldn’t be further from my home in Vancouver, Canada. Yet, it feels so familiar. Tall mountains with snow covered peaks, long lakes meanderings through valleys, and dense forests covering rolling hills. Sure sounds like British Columbia.

I love where I live, and that’s why I travel to New Zealand, it’s so much like home. Dense, loamy trails, big free ride jumps, manicured berms – I fit right in. The riding is on par with Whistler, so it gives me the opportunity to train and stay fresh on my bike throughout the year. It’s a southern trip which has become my annual preseason pilgrimage." - Reece Wallace

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Video: Scott Secco
Produced by: Scott Secco & Reece Wallace
Song credit: Coast of Carolina - Telekinesis

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