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Welcome to Issue 13.2

As much of the Northern Hemisphere embraces a new riding season, Freehub is proud to present its new edition—an evocative book brimming with stories of hope, resilience and community cooperation. During a time when our world feels increasingly dark and tumultuous, we’ve found comfort in the unwavering light shone by the broader mountain bike community. Our cover story celebrates the inspiring life of Angelo Washington, a former semipro baseball player who sustained a career-ending injury only to reinvent himself as a downhill racer and coach dedicated to showing how bikes and a positive outlook can open new realms of possibility for our youth. We look at how a Diné (Navajo) mountain biker named Nigel Horseherder James has rallied his entire reservation around a home-grown enduro race he calls the “Rezduro,” raising awareness of mountain biking as a means of reconnecting indigenous people to their ancestral land. Stories like these are what connect us all. Welcome to Issue 13.2.



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