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Welcome to Issue 13.3

Mountain biking is moving down from the mountains. As more of the world’s population rediscovers the simple joy of pedaling a bicycle, it’s inevitable that a subset will seek out dirt to enhance the experience. Our new edition of Freehub digs deep into the paradigm shifts that are steering communities toward trails as outlets for both outdoor recreation and economic rejuvenation. From Alabama to Texas and Maryland to Minnesota, towns are turning public lands into bike playgrounds and adopting progressive approaches to sustainable recreation. In this issue, we examine the innovative model used by YouTube celebrity Seth Alvo, who successfully harnessed the financial support of his online following to fund the construction of a brand-new bike park in Canton, North Carolina. We also celebrate the extraordinary career of longtime downhill racer Claire Buchar (featured on our cover), an inspirational athlete who has overcome tremendous adversity on her way to becoming one of our sport’s finest ambassadors. Welcome to Issue 13.3.


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