Rough AF 3 Jordie Lunn

In case you missed it over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jordie Lunn released Rough AF 3, where he's taken his building and riding to places only Jordie Lunn is willing to go. Get ready to get rowdy...

From Calvin Huth:

Imagine walking through the woods and stumbling upon one of these features. You'd probably think there was a madman on the loose, and you'd be correct! Jordie Lunn has spent years learning how to build and ride some of the craziest features on 2 wheels. Taking his unique style of building, and riding, Jordie has taken Rough AF 3 to the next level. Hope you enjoy his piece!

Filming and helping to create this piece was not only exciting, it was scary. at times. Jordie is the absolute man and definitely pushed his limits with this piece. After spending months building and many attempts we can finally take a deep breath and watch.

Support: YT, SDG, Halo, FiveTen, Deity, Strikt, Vee, Kali Protectives
Location: Vancouver Island
Special Thanks: Aaron Gray, Craig Lunn, Alex Volokhov, Rupert Walker, Kyle White, Margus Riga, Caitlin & Vin
Edit By: @calvinhuth
Cover Photo: Margus Riga

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