Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive

The extra long hose on he Alloy Floor Drive is one of the standout features and eliminates any sense of being cramped.

Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Pump Review

Properly inflated tires are a game-changer.

This tends to be something that people don’t realize until some experimentation leads to better pedaling, or a decent friend gives you some insight. Hand pumps are mandatory for the trails, but at the trailhead, nothing is better than having a proper pump for the job. Having a floor pump that lives in the back of your car will pay off faster than you can imagine, and seriously decreases the chances of trailside cursing at a mini-pump.

We’ve been putting the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive pump to the test, and after months of inflating tires at the office and the trailhead, its simplicity and sturdiness have become the defining factors.

Standing at 25 inches tall, the Alloy Floor Drive is a pretty standard height for a floor pump. And dang, this thing just looks good!
The over-sized gauge is an awesome feature, even if you don't have poor eye sight.

Rated at up to 220psi and with a CNC machined aluminum barrel and base, this thing just feels sturdy. Other pumps have come and gone in much shorter periods of time, where some weak-linkage at the base crates a wobbly pump. The base also holds the body of the gauge within the same piece of aluminum, ensuring that there is no vulnerability that could result in the separation of the two.

The Alloy Floor Drive also has an over-sized gauge. At three-and-a-half inches in diameter, no more magnifying glasses are required to examine the psi. Lezyne also places an emphasis on the gauge’s preciseness, and after a few months of testing, we haven’t had any thoughts that it might be misleading. In an unfortunate event that results in a broken gauge, Lezyne offers replacement gauges on their website for a modest price.

The varnished wood handle adds some extra class, in both silver and black.
The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck is hands down a gmae changer. Simple and effective for locking onto valves.

All the specs aside, when it comes to actually inflating tires with the Alloy Floor Drive, this thing provides. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck is definitely the feature that is most appreciated, and something this simple has long been awaited by the classic floor pump.

The small valve screws onto the hose in two different ways, one way for presta valves and the other for Schrader valves. The fact that the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck screws on eliminates any air-loss while pumping, and there aren’t any “locking” mechanisms to mess with. And perhaps the nicest feature is that the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and the hose itself are able to move freely, meaning no more awkwardly twisted hoses.

The CNC machined barrel creates a sturdy pump and holds the top cap tight, so there's no play in the handle.
From the CNC machined barrel and base to the wood handle, the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive is outstanding in performance, and helps keep it classy.

The other very-much appreciated feature on the Alloy Floor Drive is its extra long hose. It can easily reach bikes that are on a stand, or just allow for some extra room between yourself and the bike to eliminate any cramped workshop feelings. Pumps in the past have had hoses that couldn’t even reach the valve if it was at 12 o’clock on the rim, but the Alloy Floor Pump allows for maximum freedom. For storage, it wraps neatly over the top of the pump, and secures into a notch at the base.

All in all, this thing is a work of art as much as it is a perfectly functional and durable floor pump. From the varnished wood handle and the CNC machined base and barrel, to the extra long hose and the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck, it looks as good as it works. Add this thing to any garage or trunk, and it will add a little extra class and simultaneously be one of the most used and appreciated tools.