Freehub Issue 8.2 Summer 2017 // The Progression Issue



Who We Are | Another Pivotal Moment
Masthead | Who Did It?
A Forged Tradition | Varying Eloquence and Unwavering Authenticity with the Laguna
Hard-Cores Included | The Value of the Everyday Classic
Contributors | Amazing People Behind this Issue
A Dirty Physics Lesson | Walmart, Practice Laps and Soccer Cone Salvation
If You Have to Ask, You Can't Afford It | A New Approach to Trail Maintenance with Trail Boss

Intrinsic Flow | From the River to the Racetrack with Tomáš Slavík
No Real Genius | Two Decades of Breaking Handlebars, Brusing Ribs and Blowing Minds
Loved to Death | Trails and a Change of Strategy in Banff National Park
Planet Home | From POV to Pump Tracks with Claudio Caluori
Looking for Weird | Creativity and a Collapsed Lung with Ian Collins

Rider: Richie Schley
Photographer: Black Jorgenson

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CAN Purchase: $19.95
Foreign Purchase: $24.95