Wade Simmons' Pipedream

Wade waxes nostalgic for the bikes of old after seeing a sneak peak of freeride documentary, The Moment. After a stop by Rocky Mountain bikes, Wade heads out for a rip down memory lane on his “new” linkage plate equipped and aptly named Rocky Mountain Pipedream. It looks like pipe dreams can come true.

Fueled by Wade’s creativity, Rocky Mountain Bicycles decided to build a very special bike. Founded on nostalgia and designed to modern day standards, this is a story of Wade Simmons’ Pipedream.

Frame Development & Design by Tom Ferenc, Lyle Vallie, Joe Kerekes, and James Mallion
Welding by Al Kowalchuk
Frame Preparation by Billy Chang
Paint by Harald Strasser at Toxik Design Laboratory

Magic Unfolding by Big Score Audio &
Voytek by The Heavy Eyes
All rights reserved. Used with permission.

A Film by Scott Secco
Featuring Wade Simmons
Produced by Stephen Matthews
Guest Appearances by Darcy Turenne and Rocky Mountain Bicycles staff
Sound Design by Keith White Audio
Typography by Mike Taylor

Archived footage by Todd Fiander, Christian Begin, Bjorn Enga, Darcy Wittenburg, and Jorli Ricker
Photography by Margus Riga

Special Thanks to Fox Suspension, Race Face, and Shimano

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