Perseverance Magnus Manson

Through recent trials and tribulations, mountain biking has been a relief for Magnus Manson, now in remission after a year of battling cancer. Cutting out some time from his treatment schedule to shred, shoot and laugh it up on some of his favorite Vancouver Island trails, it's always a pleasure to watch Magnus ride and do what he loves most.

"With more things holding me back than pushing me forward, it's been one hell of a ride these past few years, but with so many amazing people in my corner - helping and continuing to support me while I take time away from racing to get through this chapter of my life - I am just so grateful. I believe everyone is capable of so much more than they even believe and I want my experience of adversity to give others hope when things get tough because there will always be challenges to pull you away from what you want. Cancer and everything that comes along with it is challenging, but when I get on two wheels, life seems to get pretty simple again." - Magnus Manson

Credit: Forbidden Bike Company