Laurence Crossman-Emms 2018 Deep Summer Rotorua Winner

The Deep Summer Photo Challenge is always a highlight of any Crankworx event and this past one in Rotorua was no exception. Laurence Crossman-Emms' winning entry combined stunning images with an entertaining story which lead him to take the big check at Rotorua. Congrats Laurence!

2018 Deep Summer Rotorua

Four photographers. Three days in Rotorua. One epic slideshow event.

Over the course of the challenge, four elite photographers put together an epic slideshow utilising Rotorua’s incredible natural landscapes and strong mountain biking culture. Presentations will then light up Eat Streat following the Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle allowing viewers to experience Deep Summer in Rotorua through three different lenses. With a cash prize purse, an invite to Deep Summer Whistler, plus the prestige of joining the elite ranks of past Deep Summer winners, the photographers put it all on the line.

2018 Deep Summer Rotorua Winner: Laurence Crossman – Emms (@laurence_ce)

Hailing from North Wales in the UK, Laurence has spent years combining his passion for bikes with his love of taking photos. A strive to be ‘different’ inspires Laurence to be experimental with his work and he constantly endeavours to shoot from a less discovered perspective. Having photographed a range of scenes from numerous World Cup downhill races to secluded mountain top vistas, Laurence finds most enjoyment whilst out on his bike.