Hot Laps At Whitefish Mountain Resort

Video by Chris Grundberg and Brandon Watts, photo and words by Ben Gavelda

Whitefish, Montana has long been a reserve for mountain biking. There's a good deal of trails around the area, plus the beauty of Glacier National Park, proximity to Canada, massive lakes, etc. It's a bit off the beaten path, but then again you can hop on an Amtrak train and roll right into town. Proximity to eastern BC and Alberta make it quite appealing compared to the lengthy haul to Whistler. Not only that, but riding Whitefish won't break the bank either. The area has some pretty affordable lodging/riding packages. With new gravity trail developments in the works at Whitefish Mountain this past summer, the area is adapting and evolving alongside mountain biking. Led by a small group of trail workers, who are long time riders, the area's numerous trails are nothing short of ripping. And to be honest, the trails are on par with some of the best build out there. Of course, the Freehub had to see it in person though. Here's Bellingham boys Rowan Yerxa and Josh Poulsen tearing up the dirt.

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