The Geodiversity of Squamish What Made The Mountain Biking Trails

Will Morris put together a really comprehensive video explain the forces that have made the mountain biking wonderland that is Squamish, BC. Some really interesting stuff if you are curious about learning why Squamish is so good for building unique trails.

Squamish sits on the edge of the Northern Hemisphere’s southernmost fjord, nestled between sprawling mountains built by tectonic, volcanic, and glacial processes. These forces, operating on humanly abstracted timescales, created the landscape in which we learn, live, and recreate. Through features accessible on Squamish’s mountain bike trails, the story of this land’s geologic origin can be formulated. Four main eras are presented in this story, most overlapping and building upon the previous: Mountain Building, Glaciation, Volcanism, and Collapse.

Credit: Will Morris