44 Days and Rolling Episode 5

After some relaxation with great friends, good ole southern cookin' and the 'spirit lifting' Blue Ridge mountains, we got back on track and headed north. With D.C. in the rear view mirror we decided to drive through the night to get to Milford, Massachusetts. The small town of Milford, MA seems like a spot you wouldn't expect to find an amazing trail system, but it happens to have a special gem called Vietnam. With nearly 40 miles of trail, Vietnam has something for everyone while keeping good progression for varying skill levels in mind. The rocky trails are littered with options and maintain good flow and give every rider an option for different levels of difficulty. Soon after riding, we learned that the Vietnam crew loves to get out and build, so we joined them for one of their weekly build sessions before heading out for Highland Bike Park.

Northfield, NH seems like your standard Northeast town, but it has something most towns don't ...a world class bike park. As we pulled through the small town, we quickly saw a sign that pulled the entire Northeast experience together; 'Highland Mountain'. After spending a few days with Highland crew Mark Hayes, Dave Smutok and Aaron Chase it became easy to see that Highland has such a good thing going. They offer amazing trails for every level of rider, and are expanding their awesome trail system with each passing week. Progression seems to be a big theme for the crew at Highland, and their trail system supports it. We caught up with Dave for a lap down the new course designed in anticipation for the weekend's Pro GRT Race. Aside from the flow session down the course, we really wanted to highlight all styles of trail, so we got a crew together to shoot one of the new beginner trails. What we thought was going to be just a few riders turned into a train of ten riders all of which were so inclined to going fast on two wheels. Check out our Northeast visit, and be inspired to make something happen near you!

After and amazing Northeast experience, we decided it was time to head west again and found ourselves in the beautiful Midwest. Check it out next week in episode 6!!

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