EAU DE SHORE No. 3 Cypress

Vancouver’s North Shore mountains are home to some of the world’s best mountain bike trails. Three riding areas, Seymour, Fromme, and Cypress, each come with their own unique take on the steep terrain on offer at the southern tip of the Coast Mountain Range. Each has a defined style of trails, brought to life by the builders and riders that call that terrain home. However, they all share the steep, deep, and wet geographic landscape that culminates the essence of Vancouver’s Northshore. A distinct aroma rises from the decomposing cedar logs, duff, loam, and moss to create a damp, musty yet sweet smell. When this aroma hits your nostrils as you pedal to the top of a trail or get out of the shuttle truck, it triggers memories of rides past and prompts your body for the next steep technical descent.

This smell is the EAU DE SHORE.

Deep, dark, rough, and fast, the Cypress trails are unforgiving. Primarily a downhill shuttle zone, Cypress has evolved into a training ground for some of the world's best downhill racers. The trails are wide, steep, and extremely fast. The culture surrounding Cypress is one that brings tons of volunteers to maintain the trails. It inspires more riders to get out there and enjoy what Cypress has to offer. Many of the trails finish just above the Cypress lookout. The shuttle reload area looks out over the Burrard Inlet (when it’s visible). An unreal backdrop to a shuttle day.

Credit: RideWrap