Double Exposure Conor Macfarlane

"In this episode, Conor Macfarlane shows what a diverse bag of skills he has on a bike. Not all Tilt Shift Films ideas are completely my own. This film was a collaborative creative effort. Sometimes I work best when I am given an idea, and I can use that to grow a really cool concept. FSA wanted to show off the diversity of their Gradient Carbon wheelset - light and strong enough to ride anything. Conor wanted to shoot a video on the huge Dream Line riding his trail bike, with the opportunity to throw down some single crown tricks as well as riding from an enduro-style trail into a massive jump line. The three points of input from rider and sponsor seemed like a perfect opportunity to shoot a video with some double exposures. Blending images - blending disciplines." — Tilt Shift Films

Credit: Tilt Shift Films