In the Blink // Episode 1 Fall Colours

For the many parts of the world that experience colder climates, autumn is a special time for mountain bikers. The encroaching winter creates a sense of urgency; prompting riders to hit trails as much as they can before dirt is blanketed with layers of snow and ice. Autumn in these regions also puts one of Nature’s finite moments on full display: Fall Colours. It’s easy to take this natural phenomenon for granted, but the timing is actually quite hard to predict. Leaves change at different places and times depending on the elevation, aspect and local weather conditions. In the end, it just comes down to spending as much time on the trails as you can and when the timing’s right, you can experience the surreal feeling of riding through one of Nature’s fleeting moments.

Featuring Thomas Vanderham and Ryan Howard.

In the Blink is a six-part web series that dives behind the scenes of the upcoming feature film by Anthill Films, Return to Earth. Stay tuned for Episode 2: Growth, featuring Brett Rheeder.