Anti-Matter Calvin Huth

With much of the country blanketed in snow or bracing for an upcoming storm, we flashed back to this lovely little snow edit from Calvin Huth and rider Dillon Butcher. While most people would grab their skis or curl up with a good book, these boys headed to the local bike park with shovels and torches and sent it into snowy landings. Enjoy.

Antimatter: a material composed of the antiparticle to the corresponding particles of ordinary matter, dirt.
Dillon Butcher turns lemons into lemonade. As the snow fell the plan was to head to the Stevie Smith park pathways through a snowy jump garden. Early morning rose and the clearing began, creating ride able lines; It's not often conditions like this take place. Creates for a memorable day.
Thanks Mother Nature for the goods!

Song - Diamond Veins ( feat. Sarah Rebecca) - French 79

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