Alone In My City Tommu Zula

All the bikes and all the fun. Tommy Zula is let loose on San Diego, CA in "Alone In My City" from MATIC and Airborne Bicycles.

"With the days getting shorter and the snow starting to fall here on the east coast, I made a phone call to one of my best friends in San Diego and begged him to let me come crash on his couch. With a place to stay and a plane ticket booked, I was all set! With San Diego being known for all of its amazing riding spots and great weather, I hit up my sponsors to help bring Jamie along to capture all the action. Making this video was an absolutely blast I wanna give a huge shout to all my amazing sponsors. Special thanks to Airborne Bicycles, DK Bicycles Fly Racing, SR SunTour, Onyx Racing Products, Box Components, Ride 100%, KMC, Vee Tire Co., Broski Sounds, Circle-E Clothing, and KickPower Energy for all the support, to Jamie Allander for the insane long days and crazy hikes, and all of my California friends for making me right at home." — Tommy Zula

Cinematography: Jamie Allender / MATIC
Editing: Jamie Allender / MATIC
Audio: Tim Iler / TreeSeed Media

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