Marin Mount Vision 8

With a large down tube, big bottom bracket and no chainstays, the Mount Vision sure is unique—but so is the ride it delivers.

Marin Mount Vision 8 Bike Review

When the Marin Mount Vision first came out, it was different.

And, as many of us know, sometimes it’s tough to be a little weird. With taunts like “Is that an e-bike” or “Where’s the motor?” the Mount Vision faced some unjust ridicule. But as more people began throwing a leg over the bike and started pedaling, the comments seemed to dwindle. In their place came hoots, hollers and questions like, “How does it do that?”

With 27.5” wheels and 150mm of travel all-around, the Mount Vision is actually pretty dang normal when it comes to everything besides it’s suspension. The company’s Naild R3ACT – 2 Play system is the anomaly though, offering a unique playfulness with impressive pedaling abilities. These days, it’s cool to be weird.

Geometry & Specs:

Wheel size: 27.5"
Rear travel: 150mm
Fork: 150mm
Wheelbase: 1213mm
Chainstay: 420mm
Reach: 471.5mm
Head tube angle: 65°

The Naild R3ACT — 2 Play Suspension system separates the rider's weight from acceleration forces, which makes for a more efficient pedaling platform.
While the Mount Vision's suspension looks complicated—and it is—it also delivers a impressive level of ground connection on both the up and down.
A built-in rear mud fender does its best to keep debris out of the suspension system—always appreciated on those super muddy days.
Stan's 32mm inner-diameter rims and WTB Trail Boss 2.6" tires contribute to the stability and traction of the Mount Vision.
The Trail Boss is WTB's fast-rolling yet aggressive tire, a good match for the Mount Vision.
While the Pike RC might not be Rockshox's top-of-the-line fork, it suits the Mount Vision 8's build and price well.
With a stout headtube and ultra-clean cable ports, the front end of the Mount Vision looks good.
Creative cable routing keeps the Mount Vision looking tight.
Shimano MT520 four-piston brakes have a crisp bite and easily match the power of the bike.
The mix of Shimano brakes and SRAM drivetrain, as seen here, is becoming more common on price-point builds.
A Rockshox Pike RC 150mm is stocked up front on the Mount Vision 8.
Marin went all-in on carbon for the entire Mount Vision lineup.

Marin’s Mount Vision keeps its tires on the ground when needed, pops with ease at a moment’s notice, gobbles up chunder like a long-travel should and is impressively responsive. With 27.5” wheels, short chainstays, 150mm of travel and Naild suspension kinematics, the Mount Vision delivers an incredibly enjoyable—and at times implausible—fusion of hard-charging capabilities and playful prowess.

Marin Mount Vision 8 - $3,750