Demon Dirt Plague Jeans – Reviewed

Dirty, Dirty.

Review and Photos by Ashlon Durham

Demon Dirt is a new rider owned company that makes innovative and stylish apparel for mountain bikers trying to stay fresh, while getting dirty.  The masterminds over at Demon Dirt have redesigned jeans from the ground up, and created the ‘Black Plague’ Denim Jeans. The end result is the techiest jeans available for mountain bikers, dirt jumpers or park playas.  By using an 80/20 Denim blend with four way stretch properties, these jeans allow you to be flexable and are ready to take some abuse. Aside from the stretch pants “feel”, the  Black Plague jeans come with a gusseted crotch panel to ensure maximum flexibility. When it comes to safety, the removable shin guards allow riders to wear minimal pads and still avoid the dreaded pain we know as ‘pedal bite’. The shin guards are thin enough to not irritate the rider, an still provide enough protection to keep you from bleeding.  On top of all these technical innovations, Demon Dirt also covers your steez with added stitching designs to the back pockets.  With Purple, Blue, and Black stitching options, these Jeans will undoubtably give you style points on and off the bike.  The jeans slim fitting thighs and baggier fit below the knees make for a very trendy cut that will have the ladies coming from all directions. After wearing the Black Plague Jeans on an all mountain ride, I have found that although their stretchy properties allow for easy pedaling, they still heat up like a pair of Levi’s.  Although crashing is rarely a good time, it is nice to dust yourself off and find that your pants are still intact. The Demon Dirt jeans may not be indestructible but they do seem to take more abuse than other denim I have crashed with.  If you are looking for a quality pair of jeans for riding, digging, partying, rock climbing, chilling, or stretching, the Demon Dirt Black Plague Denim may be for you.  Demon Dirt makes protection, apparel, and seats,  All of their gear can be found at