Freehub's Holiday Gift Guide

Freehub's Holiday Gift Guide Gift Ideas for Every Mountain Biker

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift is easy. Other times, not so much.

Mountain bikers can be extraordinarily particular about their setups, which often makes them extremely tough to shop for. So to help provide some direction to your holiday gift giving, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our favorite and most-used items. From the small things that will never disappoint (beer) to the bigger ones that can’t be—or rather shouldn’t be—homemade (carbon wheels), here are a few ideas that any mountain biker will appreciate.

1. Tenet FTP Pedal
2. Shimano Di2 Shifter
3. e*13 LG1 En Semi-Slick Tire
4. PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post
5. FSA Gradient Wider29 Wheels
6. Groundkeeper Fender
7. Rockshox Lyrik RC2


1. Tenet FPT Pedal - $90 | Solid, grippy and affordable, Tenet's FTP pedal offers quality at a good price.
2. Shimano Di2 Shifter - Price Varies | Next-level precision with Shimano's electronic shifter.
3. e*13 LG1 EN Semi-Slick Tire- $69.95 | Fast rolling with maximum grip thanks to a new rubber compound.
4. PNW Components Bachelor Dropper - $199 | Available in 150mm and 170mm, and standard diameters.
5. FSA Gradient Wider29 - $1349 | A medium-width set of smooth rolling carbon wheels.
6. Groundkeeper Fenders - $24 | Rad designs to keep you mud free this winter. *Shown design not available.
7. Rockshox Lyrik RC2- $999 | The New RC2 damper was designed with steep and deep in mind.

1. Bell Full-9
2. Ortlieb Bikepacking Gear
3. 10 Barrel Trail Beer
4. Afton Keegan
5. Freehub x Club Ride Dirt Surfer
6. POC Joint VPD System Knee
7. CamelBak T.O.R.O. 8
8. Smith Forefront 2

Riding Gear

1. Bell Full-9 - $400 | Full-face protection in a light and stylish package.
2. Ortlieb Bikepacking Setup - Price Varies | Stay dry and organized on all your pedal-powered missions.
3. 10 Barrel Trail Beer - $8.99 | Delicious beer for every adventure.
4. Afton Keegan - $99.99 | A shoe with the perfect combination of style and function.
5. Freehub x Club Ride Dirt Surfer - $89.95 | The perfect party shirt for all mountain bike rides.
6. POC Joint VPD System Knee - $150 | Stylish, comfortable and lightweight, POC's pads deliver on all levels.
7. CamelBak T.O.R.O. 8 - $160 | Offering 5 liters of space and built in back protection, this pack is good for any ride.
8. Smith Forefront 2 - $230 | Newly redesigned, the Forefront 2 is packed with technology and more sleek than ever.

1. Loam Coffee
2. Spacecraft Milo Flannel
3. Yeti LoadOut 5-Gallon Bucket
4. High Above Lost Lake Duffel (Large)
5. Rad Dog Release N Run Collar


1. Loam Coffee - $12.99 | The best way to start every morning or caffeinate before a ride.
2. Spacecraft Milo Flannel - $65 | Keep warm and stylish on the trail and at the bars with Spacecraft apparel.
3. Yeti LoadOut 5-Gallon Bucket - $39.99 | A great way to keep beer cold and accessible in the woods.
4. High Above Lost Lake Duffel - $79 | The Lost Lake duffel helps keep your gear organized and aired out.
5. Rad Dog Release N Run - $39.95 | Keep your furry best friend near and safe with this collar/leash combo.


1. | Transition Ripcord - $1699 A kid-sized bike with all the legitimacy of a modern trail-slayer.
2. Evil Offering - $5699 | Evil's newest addition to the lineup, a mid-travel 29er.
3. Devinci Wilson 29 - $6449 | Devinci Wilson + 29" wheels = Downhill machine.
4. Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 27.5 - $5000 | This asymmetrical design delivers a stiff yet responsive ride.