Voke Tab

Voke Tab Lifestyle Review

With key ingredients of organic guarana berry, natural green tea leaf caffeine and organic acerola cherry, Voke is happy to keep your body happy.

Voke Tab Review

The First Law of Thermodynamics is pretty simple: Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

So while there’s a constant amount of energy in this universe, it’s ability to be transferred, lost, and gained is one of the things that makes this physical world function. As mountain bikers, we exhaust a lot of energy, and therefore need to gain a lot of energy. What you put in your body is fuel, so it only makes sense to want to put the best ingredients in this complex machine that is our body.

With food, this is pretty easy. However, when it comes to needing a quick and sustaining burst of energy, the number of the energy drinks and sugar snacks easily out weigh the healthier options. Our long-standing go-to at the Freehub office has been Voke Tab, a natural source of energy that has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee combined with other healthy ingredients.

The main elements of Voke Tab are organic guarana berry, natural green tea leaf caffeine and organic acerola cherry. Each tab has zero sugar, no artificial colors, sweetener or flavors and 100% of your daily value of vitamin C. Each chewable tab has 77mg of caffeine, about the equivalent of a strong cup of tea, so your body doesn’t react with jitters. It’s a healthy, quick and clean energy boost that that provides focus and endurance for what ever requires your attention. The guarana berry’s taste is definitely the most noticeable of all the ingredients, and there’s no sense of it being either too sweet, or too bitter.

Seven tabs per tin = a week of energy boosts.

One of the best things about Voke Tab is its accessibility. Each tin holds seven tabs and can easily fit in any jacket or backpack pocket without out being noticed in size or weight. They’re a great alternative for an afternoon cup of coffee or just a little extra fuel in the mountains.

Founded in Montana, Voke Tab came about as the solution for the perfect energy boost that outside activities require, no matter the time or place. Voke has fueled expeditions of every type on every continent, and is backed by professional athletes, artists, filmmakers, photographers and countless others who live for the outdoors.

MSRP: $7/tin

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